Level V


Mountain biking - Transalp - Riding technique
Frank Cornelius and excellent guides are the heart of LEVEL - V
For over 18 years, we are in the mountain bike bussiness - in the Alps and the Mediterranean.

The meeting place for bikers who live by the original ideals of mountain biking. Our sport, with all its facets, uphills and downhills, is what brings joy to our lives. We enjoy the hours we spend in magnificent nature and live for them. Regular cycling and other sports such as running, swimming, or skiing are part of our daily lives. When the snow melts, we go out and look for new alpine singletrack . For 15 years we have been riding on the best trails and creating the best mountain bike tours in the most interesting spots. To be on tour with us is to feel truly alive. This begins with the outstanding hotels: the best possible we can find, they enable optimal regeneration. We place high value on excellent food, wellness, and attractive rooms. The tour days are planned for balance, the downhills are always singletrack-oriented, striking a balance between flow and challenge. You meet soul mates and like-minded people and above all - friends for a lifetime.
Level five - The name says it all!

Primarily, we conduct tours on a higher level of athletic performance. (Level 3-5) but with a lot of enthusiasm and experience the most difficult and most exciting trails will be mastered.

It goes on .... see you on the trail...

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