Level V

Finale Ligure Mountainbike Journey

5 riding days

9 thousand meters of altitude 250 km shuttle.


Costs: On request

Date: On request


Biking in the ultimate biking area, with no airplan into the early sun. The so-called Riviera delle Palme is a scenic stretch of coast. The mountains in the back within easy reach heights of 1800 meters.

Located 60 km south of Genoa on the Ligurian coast, is the spot, which has in recent years moved into the focus of a lot of mountain bikers. Specifically the gravity fraction has been subject to to this area.

The climate is mild all year round, in winter it is not  colder than 10 ° C, in summer it is  maximum 35 ° C warm.

The best bike-trip time is February to June and September - November

Several companies shuttling the modern knights with their metal horses up to the mountains, so they can make a big blast. For years, the local guides are working on an extensive path net bike park like, that always holds new surprises for you.

The 24 hour race in the spring, the town got famous in biker circles. In  fall it has recently come a new event - Final Enduro. We will enjoy the original italian flavor and w'll have a stroll with our friends and families at the beach.

Riding in the ligure mountains, we can write every day 1200-1800 hm on our bike Account  I'm looking forward,

Happy Trails,

Cheers Frank


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